Repairs and Reconditioning

Leather/Vinyl Repair – We can repair splits and scratches in leather and vinyl upholstery. In fact, we can refinish almost any and every aspect of your vehicle’s interior.




Paint Touch up – Door knick, rock chips, key scratches, etc., we can match your paint and make it look like new.


Paintless Dent Repair – We have a dedicated bay in our Shop for this state of the art technology which uses a special process that eliminates dents and door dings, without harming your paint.

We Do Hail RepairFREE Estimates! And, we’ll probably cover your deductible.

Paint Correction and Wetsanding – This is reserved for very specific circumstances and requires journeyman skills and much experience.  When the techniques are appropriate, we charge $75 per hour.  A realistic estimate is available upon inspection.

This is an older MGB that a client painted in his garage.. Not surprisingly, he ended up with a huge amount of “orange peel”. Wetsanding certainly corrected the issue.