Hand Wash – Got a good car? Take it to a good Hand Car Wash.  Hand washing your vehicle prevents the scratches and swirls created by automatic car washes.  We can also get at the hidden dirt and grime that can build up and harm your finish. We’ll thoroughly clean tires, wheels, and wheel wells. Additionally, we vacuum the interior, lightly dust, and wind it up with sparkling, smear-free windows.

By Appointment. Takes about an hour, while you wait.

Most sedans: $40. Must SUVs: $50.

Complete Detail – “What Does That Include?”

The vehicle is completely decontaminated in a three step chemical bath (alkaline neutralization, acid neutralization, and pH neutral shampoo), All paint receives a clay bar treatment to remove microscopic bonded surface contaminants (industrial fallout, brake dust, etc.). The paint correction process is quite thorough, typically involving three complete passes with various compounds and polishes.  Black paint is ‘jeweled’ in a final (fourth) polishing with a random orbital polisher. Most surface defects are corrected in this procedure – touch-up paint (additional) is applied at this stage. We then apply a synthetic acrylic polymer sealant.  This serves the same function as a traditional carnauba wax, but has the additional benefits of being harder, much more durable, and more optically correct.

On the interior, we carefully vacuum the trunk and cabin area.  Carpet shampooing is accomplished with a steam extraction process (we have good success with most stubborn stain removal.) In this procedure, we inject an enzymatic antibacterial deodorant into the fabric. We inject that same deodorant, under steam pressure, through the air conditioning ductwork under the dash. The car will be odor neutral. It will smell like the car, not like a pine tree, or other masking scent. Leather seating surfaces are deep cleaned and treated with a lanolin based conditioner.  Then, we get into every little nook and cranny, whether it takes a Q-tip, toothbrush, compressed air, or vaporized steam, we clean it one way or another.

Our guarantee is quite simple: if you’re not happy, we keep cleaning.

(Engines are cleaned only with a signed Release of Liability.)

Stain Removal – Colas, juices, grease and other stains can sometimes seem impossible. Our professionals can, and do, remove even red stains.  (May require an additional charge.)

Odor Elimination – Spilled milk, smoke, petroleum spills,  fast food from the kids are all odors that can be totally eliminated with our expert cleaning techniques, we’ll completely remove the source of the odor, thus preventing a reoccurrence. Severe cases require the implementation of an ozone generator, with additional cost.  (May require an additional charge.)

Overspray Removal – We can remove that over spray from your vehicle’s finish.  Yellow or white traffic paint?  We’ll make it go away.  (May require an additional charge.)