Jim’s Story”

Jim Schliebner, owner and operator of Jimmy Buff-It’s Auto Detailing, has led quite a life. Born and raised in Ohio, graduating high school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, wounded in Viet Nam, he landed in the Indianapolis metro area in 1979. Indy’s never been the same…

Jim’s professional career (or should we say careers?) has been varied and successful. From selling the first FDA approved extended-wear contacts in America to becoming a bar owner to becoming an automobile detailer, this man has made a definite name for himself.

He claims while he was traveling coast-to-coast for the optical business he suffered what so many men do, a mid-life crisis, but in typical Schliebner manner, he did it a younger age than most normal men do. And, unlike normal men, Jim didn’t buy a sports car, he opened a bar. It wouldn’t do to open just any bar; Jim opened Crackers Comedy Club. This was in the early eighties and Indy welcomed his clever, new concept with open arms. Crackers is still around, however, Jim has moved on.

Jim’s next venture is still an Indy favorite as well. You may have heard of Nicky Blaine’s Martini and Cigar Bar. Downtown, close to the Circle, nestled amid the many businesses, Nicky Blaine’s still thrives, but without Jim.

A heart attack stepped in and slowed down the unstoppable entrepreneur. At this time Jim had to admit he was “too old to stay up late ‘babysitting drunks’, but too young to retire.”

Always being a “car guy”, Jim found another niche that he could fulfill and opened shop as “Jimmy Buff-It’s Auto Detailing.” Eight years later, Jim is enjoying yet another successful venture.

He really loves his work and personally touches each car that comes through his shop, and we suspect he touches the lives of the people who come through as well. You can’t be around him and not get caught up in his zest for life, his work ethic and his sincerity. That may be why he attracts such clients as our beloved Colts and Pacers team members, real estate pros, and pros in general.

Jim sums up his success as this, “We have tremendous gratitude, and we understand that our faith has brought us here.”

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