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“What is a Trusted Professional Detailer?”

A true professional in the detailing industry is not just a person or business who cleans your car and makes it shine. Professional detailers are trained technicians who have dedicated themselves to continuing education on such components as the new clear-coat systems, new interior leathers and fabrics, the new coated wheels and the other constantly changing components that make up your vehicle.

Trusted Professional Detailers are aware of the adverse effects to your vehicle (and impact on the environment) that some commonly used automotive car care products may produce. Professional detailers utilize only non-toxic and non-carcinogenic products when performing the services you have elected to purchase.

A Trusted Professional Detailer realizes that, due to the constant improvements that car manufacturers make on the above-mentioned items, the importance of continuing to educate themselves and provide the consumer with the most up to date processes and procedures as directed by the automotive manufacturer in caring for your vehicle. Selecting a professional detailer should be approached with the same care and concern you would use when selecting any other professional such as your doctor, lawyer, accountant or automotive mechanic.

We, the professionals at Jimmy Buffit’s Auto Detailing, extend the invitation to visit the shop, take a tour and get to know the people who want to be YOUR professional detailer. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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